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Patient listening.
smart thinking.
effective solutions.

Vision & Values

We are driven by a singular mission - to forge a path to success in partnership with you.

At Pishtalova Law Company, our ethos is anchored in the steadfast principles of Conservatism and Modernization. We firmly believe that true success is achieved at the intersection of these foundational pillars.

Pishtalova Law Company places a premium on the values of Patience, Honestly, Loyalty and Compassion.

When you entrust us with your legal matters, rest assured that your voice will be heard with the utmost care, providing you with the opportunity to articulate your case in meticulous detail. Once you do that - your Goals become ours.

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To achieve optimal and precise results we will leverage modern methods and technologies. This will help us to move forward efficiently as quickly as possible.

Our mission is fulfilled when we achieve our trustee success. The moment you hold your passport in your hands, start your business, conclude a successful deal or settle into your new home, marks the accomplishment of our mission.

For further insights into our professional background and expertise, we invite you to explore our profile on LinkedIn.

clients' feedback

Chai bendavid

Incredible experience with Rumyana! Always available, professional and very competent!

I really advice her services for everyone especially for foreigners who implant themselves in Bulgaria!

Always a pleasure I very recommend the services of Pishtalova law company.

Kevin avraham

Rumyana is very professional ! She assisted me with immigration and corporate law. I definitely recommend her services. She really cares about her clients and successfully getting the work done. As a lawyer she is to me the hidden gem in Bulgaria.

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