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why pishtalova?

Why would you trust me?

Trust is built with consistency. It can't be described in words. You can read many thoughts about trust, business and law in many other sources. That's why I will not waste your time quoting and will directly tell you a little about myself. The final decision whether to trust me will always be yours.


How did the idea for Pishtalova Law Company come about?

I have gained experience working in several well-established law firms with great potential, which you can verify on my LinkedIn page.

These firms are all highly reputable and trustworthy. However, working with foreign clients requires a more specific approach than the typical legal work. When you arrive in Bulgaria, your lawyer becomes your most reliable connection. While this process may be challenging for some lawyers, I find it to be the most successful approach, not only as a professional but also as a human being.

In order to provide the right legal guidance, I need to thoroughly examine your case, whether it involves your marital status, the structure of your foreign company, or the purpose of your stay in Bulgaria. Regardless of the time and energy this investigation requires, I am still at a stage in my career where I can afford to do so.

My primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction, and when that happens, you will be willing to invest in our legal services.

How does Pishtalova Law Company stand out?

You may already be aware that many individuals in the modern world tend to make quick, money-oriented decisions rather than focusing on achieving real results. I don't subscribe to this model of of success. That's precisely why I founded a company based on two core values: Conservatism and Modernization. While these values may seem paradoxical, allow me to explain.

Pishtalova Law Company is conservative when it comes to upholding human principles such as morality, loyalty, and
patience. We treat people as human beings, whether you are a well-established company or a startup, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

At the same time, Pishtalova Law Company embraces modernity and dynamism, utilizing innovative technologies to optimize our processes and deliver excellent results.

If this concept resonates with you, I am here to collaborate with you.

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