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Can I apply for Bulgarian Citizenship?

Updated: Jan 16

Navigating the Path to Bulgarian Citizenship: Requirements, Application Process, and Pishtalova Law Company's Expertise

Embarking on the journey to secure Bulgarian citizenship is a significant and rewarding endeavor. To guide you through this process, we'll delve into the basic requirements, the competent authority overseeing document review, the application procedure, and potential timelines. Pishtalova Law Company, with its wealth of experience, stands ready to handle the legal intricacies and support you in achieving your goal of Bulgarian citizenship.

Тhe first step is to specify the basis on which the person will apply. Generally, the grounds for application are:

  • Origin

  • General Naturalization 

The grounds above can be identified as primary, but they are not the only ones, and each of them encompasses its own variations.

Based on the application basis, the criteria that the candidate must meet are determined. Below, we will outline the basic requirements, but it should be noted that, based on the application basis, compliance with specific conditions regulated by the law is necessary. These conditions should be assessed according to each individual case, and the relevant documents proving either origin or naturalization or another basis should be provided accordingly.

Basic Requirements for Application:

Aspiring to become a Bulgarian citizen entails meeting specific criteria. Key requirements include:

✓ Maintaining lawful and continuous residence in Bulgaria for the preceding five/three years.

✓ Holding the status of a long-term or permanent resident.

✓ Demonstrating proficiency in the Bulgarian language.

✓Proof that the person has no criminal record, both in the country of citizenship and in Bulgaria

✓ The ability of the person to sustain themselves independently in Bulgaria.

Competent Authority for Document Review:

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria serves as the competent authority entrusted with reviewing citizenship applications. Their meticulous examination ensures that candidates meet stipulated requirements, and submitted documents are comprehensive and valid.


Procedure for Applying:

The application process involves several steps, including:

  1. The collection of necessary documents;

  2. Completion of required forms;

  3. Schedule an interview;

  4. Submission to the Ministry of Justice.

Should be taken into consideration that, considering the recent changes in the application procedure, documents are submitted at the time of the interview, and they should not be issued more than 6 months before the interview date.

Applicants must adhere to guidelines, and thorough preparation is essential to ensure a smooth and successful application.


Possible Deadline for Obtaining Citizenship:

While the timeline for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship varies based on administrative factors, applicants can generally expect the process to take several months to a year or more. Timely and accurate submission of all required documents can positively influence the overall duration.


Pishtalova Law Company, renowned for its expertise in immigration law, is adept at navigating the legal complexities of the citizenship application process. We provide comprehensive support, assisting you with document preparation, form completion, interview scheduling, and preparation for the interview.


If you are contemplating applying for Bulgarian citizenship, Pishtalova Law Company is here to navigate the legal landscape on your behalf, offering the necessary expertise and support to turn your citizenship aspirations into reality.

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