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The Ultimate Guide for Receiving Visa D in Bulgaria

Updated: Jan 16

Individuals who are not citizens of European Union member states and plan to relocate to Bulgaria often find themselves asking:

"How can I obtain the right to long-term residence in Bulgaria?"

In most cases, the answer is clear – "Visa D". Visa D is one of the primary grounds for obtaining long-term residence.

This raises a series of questions: "How can I apply for Visa D? What criteria should I meet, and what documents should I provide as a foreigner? How long will it take? Who can guide me through the application process?"


In this article, we aim to provide general answers to these questions.

Law of foreigners in Republic in Bulgaria (Article 24) exhaustively regulates all grounds, and we are committed to fully adhering to it. There are numerous grounds, each with its own peculiarities and criteria to be met.


Comprehensive Guide to Bulgaria's Long-Stay Visa

Drawing on Pishtalova Law Company's extensive experience in the Visa D application process, we have crafted a successful action plan. Consequently, we will now provide a brief overview of our operational approach should you decide to engage us to navigate you through the application process.


First step: Determining the specific basis for applying

To provide you with the most effective assistance, we need to familiarize ourselves in detail with the reasons and objectives you have in mind for moving to Bulgaria. These are crucial to establishing a connection with Bulgaria and determining the legal basis for your application, whether it involves securing ten job positions in a Bulgarian company you establish, entering into an employment contract, establishing a commercial representation, or any other grounds specified in the law.

Second step: Preparing the documents

Determining the specific basis allows us to indicate the criteria you need to meet and help you in preparing the necessary documents.

Here are some of the main criteria for application:

✓  Demonstrating a legitimate reason for long-term stay.

✓  Providing proof of accommodation.

✓  Providing proof of financial means.

✓  Acquiring health insurance coverage.

✓  Meeting any additional criteria specific to the intended stay.

Third step: Application Procedure

The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria serves as the competent authority responsible for reviewing Visa D applications. Rigorous scrutiny is employed to ensure that applicants adhere to the specified requirements, and submitted documents are comprehensive and valid.


It is important to highlight that, in most instances, applicants submit their documents to the Bulgarian embassy in their country of residence or another relevant location. The documents are then forwarded to Bulgaria, where the competent authorities responsible for reviewing the correspondence include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration Directorate, and State Agency for National Security. Depending on the circumstances, other state bodies may also assess the documents. Approval of Visa D requires a positive opinion from each of these institutions. The processing of documents within these individual institutions is part of their official duties. Your role is to simply submit the documents to the respective embassy and possibly attend an interview, following which you will receive a response.


Possible Deadline for Obtaining Visa D

While the timeline for acquiring a Visa D may vary, it typically takes several weeks to a few months. Timely submission of all required documents positively influences the overall duration.


It is noteworthy that the outlined procedure is a general overview.

Specific provisions, such as Article 24i of the Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria and others, allow the application to be submitted on behalf of the employer, with the documents being submitted in Bulgaria.

However, detailed information regarding this specific and often applicable basis can be found in another article of Pishtalova Law company.


Pishtalova Law Company offers comprehensive support, guiding you through every stage of the application process. From document preparation to submission, we ensure a smooth and successful experience. We are here to provide the legal acumen and support necessary to make your long-stay aspirations in Bulgaria a reality.


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